Ibn Haldun University Opens US Office at the DCA Complex

After the establishment of its own Diyanet Islamic Research Institute and the presence of Anadolu University on its campus, another educational institution joined the premises of Diyanet Center of America (DCA). On Friday July 14, 2017 Ibn Haldun University opened an office on the campus of Diyanet Center of America in Lanham, Maryland. Established in 2015, Ibn Haldun University is a private university that focuses on teaching and research on social sciences. Professor Recep Senturk, President of Ibn Haldun Univerity, Dr. Yasar Colak, President of DCA, Salih Celik, Educational Counselor at the Turkish Embassy, Dr. Abubaker Al-Shingieti, Executive Director of the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), Dr. Ermin Sinanovic, Research Director at IIIT, and many members of media and other guest attended the opening ceremony.

In his speech to the guests attending the ceremony, Dr. Colak underlined that DCA supports academic research and that he is hopeful that Ibn Haldun University will contribute to the rich intellectual life and diverse community at the DCA. Dr. Colak emphasized that rigorous academic research and its meaningful presentation will help mitigate misguided perceptions around Islam. Dr. Abubaker Al-Shingieti also spoke at the ceremony and highlighted IIIT’s relationship with the DCA. He argued that collaborative projects established by academic institutions will create productive programs and emphasized his hope that Ibn Haldun University establishes itself as a prominent institution with good relationships in the US.

Following the promotional videos about Ibn Haldun University, its president Professor Recep Senturk addressed the guest and introduced the University and its foundational principles. Dr. Senturk emphasized that it was Ibn Haldun’s versatile scholarship and personality that would model instruction at the University. He argued that the US Office of Ibn Haldun University would serve to connect the Istanbul campus to wider audiences and would allow the university’s students and scholars to have a direct line to American academy and society.

The meeting concluded with prayers and a ribbon-cutting ceremony that took place in the Turkish traditional house behind the DCA campus that will host Ibn Haldun University’s United States Office.


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