The Graduate School of Business at IHU aspires to be a leading center of academic and professional excellence in Turkey, and to be widely networked throughout the region. Our School is committed to providing the highest standards in business education, benchmarked against the best international practices in order to address the needs of Turkish society, and to provide professional services that capitalize on the country’s strategic assets to support its economic development. It nurtures a climate of scholarship and high academic effort that challenges all academic staff to excel in teaching, research and consultancy.

More specifically, this involves efforts:

  • to maintain and improve upon the high standards set by our undergraduate and postgraduate programs;
  • to further develop on-going research and development activities within the University, with particular emphasis on issues of concern to business, government and industry;
  • to create strong links with the business community of Turkey by providing consultancy and training services relevant to their needs;
  • to strengthen already existing ties with public and government institutions;
  • to maintain and consolidate collaborative relationships with local governments and other tertiary institutions and professional bodies.