Exclusive focus on the social sciences

IHU is a pure humanities and social sciences university that proposes to cover this whole field, including all its basic disciplines, and all the way up to its outer boundaries in music, art, and architecture.

Strong academic staff

Ibn Haldun University has a highly competitive faculty in all branches of the humanities and social sciences. It also has a robust network of affiliated educational institutions that keep students connected with a wider world.

Interdisciplinary foundations

In their first or second years, all IHU undergraduates adhere to a liberal arts core curriculum that opens them up to broad intellectual horizons through a series of compulsory courses in science, comparative methodologies, world and Turkish history, and world and Turkish art and literature.

Huge emphasis on research

Over the years, IHU faculty will be mapping out and pursuing a comprehensive research vision for the humanities and social sciences. Even at the undergraduate level, a major part of IHU training comprises research methods and techniques. At the same time, roughly three fourths of the student body will be graduate (MA and PhD) students. Many of them will be directly involved in manifold research projects run by the university’s specialized centers and institutions.

A global student body

IHU is a world university in every sense of the word. Apart from Erasmus, Farabi or other exchange. students, up to one-third of its regular undergraduates, and around half of all those enrolled in MA or PhD programs, are and will continue to be international students.

Education in English, Turkish and Arabic

Most IHU instruction is in English, though in two schools some courses may also be taught in Modern Turkish or Arabic. All students who are not native English speakers are required to take English courses up to C1- and Arabic courses up to B2-level.

Extra-small language classes

At IHU, language prep courses are limited to ten students per section. This allows for a more intimate and extra-intensive learning environment.

A small annual quota of elite undergraduates

Through Turkey’s nation-wide entrance examinations system, IHU will be taking in a limited group of 150 new undergraduates every year, as well as up to half that number of international students.

24/7 open library

Our university library works round the clock, serving as an open source of information at all times.

Educational opportunities in the USA, UK, and Malaysia

Through our partner institutions in Washington, London and Alor Setar, our students will have the opportunity to pursue part of their language studies (and other subjects) at an international level.

Internship and career opportunities

Our students begin to receive career counseling from their first day at IHU. Through special days organized by the Career Center, they are able to contact and communicate with leading firms and other organizations.