Education is not a mere transfer of knowledge; it is the holistic art of nurturing humans. And every person is unique. It is this understanding that lies at the heart of Ibn Haldun University, which endows its students with the knowledge, skills, vision, wisdom, and crucially, the intellectual independence requisite for a successful career in an age of open civilization.

We prepare our students for global competition through a critical and comparative approach to education. The standard of comparison in today’s world is not how your neighbors’ children have done, but the achievements of your peers at the best institutions of the world.

We are keenly aware that the future success of our students depends on our ability to raise them as young men and women with excellent academic and moral qualities capable of  standing out and finding fulfillment in an increasingly interconnected world. To that end, IHU provides a broad ranging yet carefully integrated program of instruction through its internationally experienced and acclaimed faculty. Its partner institutions are based in different parts of the world, from New York and Washington DC to London, Doha, and Kuala Lumpur. At IHU, diversity is not a distant objective; it is here and now. We are both multinational and multilingual. International students make up half of our student body.

Furthermore, English, Turkish and Arabic are required languages for all undergraduates. We have a student-friendly administration, a dynamically expanding library, and a vibrant campus life.

Most importantly, our vision puts quality over quantity. All our plans are dedicated not to spreading our resources thin, but to achieving a significant amount of capital-deepening per student.

My very best wishes go with you.


Prof. Dr. Recep Şentürk
Professor of Sociology
President of Ibn Haldun University